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                                                                                          Simple idea, isn't it? 
This low-tech, time-tested device will:

Help your employees be more productive

Make your customers happier

Increase your profits

All with a very small expenditure!

More than a "Lazy Susan" a POSturntable is designed with your Restaurant, Bar, or Theater in mind.

Call Bob Duffin at 801-696-9322 today to order your time saving, sales increasing P.O.S. Turntable!

Our model 15x15 POSturntable fits most 12" sized touchscreen P.O.S. Terminals, and a receipt printer.  Other POSturntable sizes are available to fit 15" POS touchscreen terminals. Fits Radiant, Micros, PAR, Panasonic, and all other POS terminals, and all types of receipt and ticket printers.

A POSturntable is suited to place on a bar to share between the servers and the bartender, at a hostess stand to share for hostess, take-out customers, and servers, or on a ticket counter at a movie theater, or live theater, for use with seat selection software.  Every customer that has it loves it!
  • The turntable has a stop installed to limit rotation to 355 degrees.
  • Fabricated from 3/4" thick pebbled food-grade black plastic.
  • Corners, edges, and center hole are rounded off to a 3/8 radius.
  • Outside edges are finely milled for an attractive, sanitary, easy-to-clean finish.
  • Turntable bearing is rated at 1000 lbs.
  • Steel ball bearings are lubricated with white lithium grease before final assembly.
  • Center hole is 2-1/2" in diameter.
  • Rubber feet that provide approx. 1/2" stand-off from the counter top.
  • The entire assembly is about 2-3/8" tall.
  • Easy to install, will not damage cables or connections when installed correctly
  • 2 Standard sizes: 15"x20", 15"x15"
  • Installation instructions included
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quantity, and qualified wholesale pricing is available
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and colors available by special order
  • Call 801-696-9322 for a consultation to meet your special needs

















 Call Bob Duffin at 801-696-9322 today to order your time saving, sales increasing P.O.S. Turntable!

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